Urban dictionary

hi so if I finish the web development path could i be able to make a website like an urban dictionary or a simple version,if not qhat should learn to achieve that

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Hello, and welcome to the forums @houssamarif746292754 :slightly_smiling_face:!

You’ll want to start with Make a Website Course. You may also want to learn the HTML,CSS,and JS courses for extra information if you wish. After, there is a Pro™️ course you can take called Deploy a Website to learn how to get it on the internet.

I hope this helps =)


hi thanks for the reply, im already in the pro codeacademy web developement path thats why i asked if this will help me acheive my goal of building awebsite like urban dictionnary

Oops. My bad on that one. Yes, you should be able to make and launch a website through the skill path. I hope this helps =)