ministry = "The Ministry of Silly Walks"

print len(ministry)
print ministry.upper()


Are you looking for something?


This code below does not execute
print len(ministry)
print ministry.upper()


Well first off, if you are on Lesson 3.) Strings and Console Output Sublesson 7.) upper() then you are asked to do the following:

Call upper() on parrot (after print on line 3) in order to 
capitalize all the characters in the string!

Secondly, for this lesson you are not required to use len in anyway so even if you set up your code like it is supposed to be without using parrot like the lesson calls for it would be wrong.

Thirdly, your format other than print len(ministry) is fine. In fact, if you just replaced each with parrot, "norweign blue" and parrot.upper() in there proper places you should be good to go.


Why does the lesson show "Ryan".lower() but when it tells my to do it myself with the variable parrot it wont execute because it was written as print "parrot".lower() I figured it out after getting rid of the parentheses on parrot but I am curious as to why it didn't work.


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