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Hello all, I just finished the introduction to javascript, somehow i don’t feel like i am capable of doing any project by myself yet, coz i feel that i finished the task just step by step following the instruction. is it normal after the course? What more courses should i take? Or say what’s the proper level i should attain after this course? It might sound like a weird question, but i just would like to know whether i do it as normal people would do and feel, or i am not doing it the right way that i am where below the level i should attain after the course.


You could do freecodecamp:


more exercises for practice and also challenges without instructions. That should help push your skill to the next level

if you look for additional challenges, there are other sites as well (codewards)

I feel the same way! Just finished Intro to JavaScript yesterday and not sure what to do next. I feel like I have a long way to go before taking on any real world projects. I’m not sure if this is the best direction but I decided to do the Number Guesser project. I need to reinforce what I’ve learned so far and not do step by step right now (will do that later). Too soon to tell but hoping I can do this project!

Thanks, I just would like to know is it normal to be at this level after the course?

yes, it is. Rome wasn’t build in a day.

Yes, still feeling quite rustic, not sure it is just me to it is normal …

Of coz i don’t mean that i can build a whole project right after, but would also want to know what this course supposed to lead people to, coz in the language you can see is it A1 A2 B1 B2 so you know after what course you will get to what level. That’s the whole question about.

And for some offline bootcamp you can also see that people are guaranteed to work as full stack developer after a certain time frame of study. still it is not for comparison, more like in this way you know roughly the mark of time/work/result.

but thanks for your reply.

the course is to grasp the basic concepts (loop, functions, objects and so on) which are essential.

as explained here:


The course offered by codecademy is not even enough for junior developer.

the course is a good starting point, but more work and practice is required to get to the level of a junior developer.

Thanks, that’s the point i and many people would like to know i think. Thanks for explanation. x

thanks for the website reco, would go check it out. xxx

Guide: Free resources for practicing what you’ve learned on Codecademy

Thank you so much, wish you have a good time coding !

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