Uploading files from local directory

how can i upload files from local directory to codecademy server to practice with codecademy REPL like editor…thanks…

I’m a bit confused what you’re asking here. You want to use the IDE built into their courses?

You cannot upload files to Codecademy to use their editor. However if you like the Codecademy environment and you just want a space to practise, you can use the sandbox that is available. This is specifically the python one but it is available for multiple programming languages, simply edit the URL bar to be the language you want. There are also other options available such as Codepen for making programs online if you want that type of editor.

Personally I would recommend getting set up with Python on your PC and using VS Code, but the sandbox option is there at least if you are interested.

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If you’re talking about csv files and Python more along the lines of data science/analytics, try Google Colab. It’s very similar to Jupyter Notebook and it’s cloud-based.

thanks… wondering if your datasets are downloadable…

also are you thinking about incorporating big data/ cloud within your curriculum for data science… thanks…

Some of the DS datasets are from public sources like Kaggle or the UC-Irvine Machine Learning library website. The heart disease one is from UC Irvine for example.

Ask/post your second question about big data under the course suggestions category. (I do not know the answer as I’m just a volunteer here & don’t work for CC).

hip can i practice with personal data sets (from local directories) with sandbox?

Not as far as I am aware I’m afraid, it would be more for single script programs, less so data analysis.