Upgraded Chore Door


I took the standard chore door project, and made it so the user first has to enter a number between 2-10 in order to start the game. In between each round the user has the option of adding or removing doors as long as it stays between 2-10. The limit of 10 was arbitrarily chosen.

My code works by adding an event listener to the submit form button. When it is submitted, the submission is halted, and the value saved to a variable. That variable is then manipulated to add or remove doors based on the previous amount of doors. I have had some difficulty with a game breaking bug where the user enters a new number on the form while they are in the middle of the round, it will cause the removal and ordering of doors to become faulty. My fix so far has been to simply remove the submit button while a round is active, but users can still hit the enter key to submit the form which results in the bug as well.

All comments and constructive criticism is welcome.

To see my updated version load userInputScript.html.
To see the standard version load index.html.