Updating React Router from v5 to v6

The current lessons for React Router are out of date. Are there any plans on updating it from v5 to v6? It wouldn’t normally be a big deal being just a little behind but v6 introduces breaking changes so considering React Router is covered in both the Front-End and Full-Stack career paths it should be a higher priority.

I have found the separate course for React Router v6 on CodeAcademy. Maybe you will be interested.

Would love to have an answer to this. As I’m going through the course, part of me keeps questioning which parts are essentially obsolete via being incompatible with the latest version. I appreciate learning the concept of a router, which is probably the important aspect, but as a customer, knowing you have to unlearn and relearn what you’re being taught once you move forward feels kind of bad.

I mean, I realize that’s how things will go in our careers, too. There are always going to be technologies getting replaced by different/newer technologies and you’re going to have to relearn things, but that’s after having solid foundational knowledge and substantial experience.

Annoyingly, the answer is a fair bit, as V5 → V6 is a pretty decent difference. Not enough that you couldn’t bring yourself up to speed with docs etc, but still enough (imo) to be a bit annoying.

Last I checked, while the modules actually in the larger courses are on the old version, the course @vasylynapavelko shared above is on the newer version. I don’t know whether there are plans to update the modules actually in other courses, but my assumption would be probably once it’s been out for a little longer

Yeah, thank you both for sharing that v6 course. I’ll be sure to hit that when I’m done with this module on v5. :slight_smile:

React Router was updated from v5 to v6 on January 31st :smiley:

Here’s the link to the change log: