Updating planners 2019?

I want to buy weekly planner for 2019.
But reviews I’ve seen while Google searching were for 2018.
Have you already seen updated ones?


Hello, and welcome to CodeCademy @amandaorleander!

This post area is for coding topics in general. But I will answer this question, which is I haven’t seen any yet. Some will come soon though I hope.

I hope this helps =)

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First of all, I wouldn’t suggest putting a question like this in here. This is the Codecademy forums, which are the forums for coding.

Second of all, this is not 2019, so they might release that next year.


I just recently started using such notebooks. Since I have my own mini-business, I have to allocate time between personal life and work meetings. But planning time really helps. I chose a diary https://onplanners.com/planners/best-hourly-planners for myself, in which you can draw up work schedules, write down which affairs are priorities, etc. I advise you to start such a thing)

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