Updates to your dashboard!

Hi learners,

How are you liking the new look of your dashboard on codecademy.com??

Have you been wondering what’s different, what’s changed? Let me count all the ways:

Newly introduced items :sparkling_heart:

  • All of your courses are now on one page! The top course in that list is the last course that you submitted in
  • Weekly targets are now on the right side of the dashboard and your targets and weekly streak data is now fully exposed
  • Recommended For You is a new section that provides recommendations on courses that might be interesting for you, based on the course that you last submitted on
  • ‘Edit’ / remove courses from your dashboard

Items removed (kind of) :wave:

  • My Courses and Today tabs – these have been merged; every course you’ve enrolled in is on one page
  • Practice cards will now be surfaced as a link inside your course card
  • Toolkit and Community sections of the dashboard – these are available to you in the “Resources” and “Community” tabs of the top navigation bar, respectively.

That’s all for now. If you have questions or comments about the new layout, feel free to reply to this topic!


I like the minimalistic design. It let you focus directly on the content you’re working on. It’s nice.


I don’t have a comment about the rearrangement of the content, but I’m really really REALLY missing the old colour scheme. It was so much cleaner, brighter, and more colourful overall, and kind of got you excited about starting your lessons. The new colour is bleh.

I’m especially missing the header bar, which was a nice dark solid colour and looked so clean. It kind of anchored the whole Codecademy experience as “home”, underneath which you’d find your lessons.


The last course which you worked on still shows the syllabus grid below, with direct links to take you to where you were working and what’s coming up next. I’ve always liked this!
But now for your other courses that has disappeared to be replaced by a purple box with a descriptor of the course. This feels a little redundant - I know what the course is about because I picked it already :slight_smile: It would be nice to have the syllabus grid preview back in there if you’ve still yet to complete the course.

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Please, bring back the practice cards!

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Welcome to the community, @micro3306032372 and @fuehrich! :tada: And thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback! I’m going to tag @richiewu who is the Product Manager on this feature to see if he’s got anything to add here :slight_smile:

Also, @fuehrich, practice cards didn’t get removed entirely, they will now just be surfaced as a link inside your course card.

hey @fuehrich ! practice packs will be surfaced if the current module you’re working on has a practice pack! you can also look at the course syllabus to see which modules have a practice pack.

We’ve made it easier to access on your main course cards.


hey @micro3306032372 , thanks for your comment! We do plan to add that functionality to all the course cards (to have the same functionality as the last one that you worked on), stay tuned :slight_smile:


yeayyy :slight_smile:

What I don’t like:

  • The “recommended” section at the bottom only lists completed courses for me, that’s not logical.
  • Also, there are quite a lot of completed courses in my list of ongoing courses, that are only distinguishable by the “100%” slider. The old visual marking of a black card for a completed course was much clearer.

What I do like:

  • I can see at a glance how far I’m progressing in ongoing courses. Previously I had to go in to see that. BIG improvement! Would be even better if the ongoing courses were sorted by either ‘last accessed’ or by ‘percentage completed,’ now it seems it’s a random list.

I quite like the new look to my dashboard on Codecademy. It`s nice to see everything on one page rather than clicking endlessly to either find your daily goal/streak or your courses that you enrolled/started. Thanks for the update on my dashboard, it now looks neatly tidy than before. Codecademy is my number one favorite, go-to programming website.


I preferred the old dashboard. This new half pink is blending in with the white, which makes it annoying to look at. Also I would love it if you could add a way to remove courses from your dashboard. The ‘‘Reset progress way’’ that some are suggesting is not working for me. Besides that I don’t mind the minimalistic look too much.

Hi @r1ck4rd Thanks for your feedback! Good news: we will be introducing a new feature in the coming months that allows you to remove courses from your dashboard –– stay tuned! :sparkles:


The “percentage completed” indication has vanished from the dashboard. That means I can’t select which courses to work on based on how far I’ve progressed. It also means that I don’t see at glance which courses on my dashboard are already completed. VERY inconvenient. Please bring back the percentage complete indication, or AT LEAST let me remove completed courses from the dashboard.

hey @nicoledb65 thanks for pointing this out, the team is looking into this now! Apologies for the inconvenience it’s causing you.

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Hey @nicoledb65 we will be adding “percentage completed” within the next 2 weeks! Also, you can use the “edit” button beside the “My Courses” section in your dashboard to remove any courses!

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