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I’m doing this off-platform with the larger data set. I’m working on “Explore from Here” suggestion 2:

Is there a connection between the round and the category? Are you more likely to find certain categories, like "Literature" in Single Jeopardy or Double Jeopardy?

Here are the relevant parts of my code so far:

pd.set_option('display.max_colwidth', -1)

df = pd.read_csv('jeopardy.csv')

df.columns = ['show', 'date', 'round', 'cat', 'val', 'quest', 'ans']

cat_round = df.groupby(['cat', 'round']).quest.count().reset_index()
cat_round_pivot = cat_round.pivot(\
    columns= 'round',\
    index= 'cat',\
    values= 'quest'\


The output for my print command is good:

round                          cat  Double Jeopardy!  Final Jeopardy!  Jeopardy!  Tiebreaker
0       A JIM CARREY FILM FESTIVAL NaN               NaN               5.0       NaN
1      "!"                         NaN               NaN               5.0       NaN
2      "-ARES"                      5.0              NaN              NaN        NaN
3      "-ICIAN" EXPEDITION         NaN               NaN               5.0       NaN
4      "...OD" WORDS                5.0              NaN              NaN        NaN


So, to answer the question, I need to find a row in the table with the category cat == "Literature". It should be simple to do this, but nothing I’ve tried works. Here’s what I’ve tried:

litPiv = cat_round_pivot(cat_round_pivot['cat'] == 'Literature').reset_index() 
 //TypeError: 'DataFrame' object is not callable
litPiv = cat_round_pivot.xs(('Literature')).reset_index() 
 //KeyError: 'Literature'
print(cat_round_pivot[cat_round_pivot.index == "Literature"])
 //KeyError: False
print(cat_round_pivot[cat_round_pivot.index["Literature"]])// IndexError: only integers, slices (':'), ellipsis ('...'), numpy.newaxis ('None') and integer or boolean arrays are valid indices

So: How do I search a pivot table for a specific row?

Note: I figured out how to answer the question without the pivot table, like this (but I still want to know how to use the pivot table):

print(cat_round[cat_round.cat == 'Literature'])

but no results came up:

Empty DataFrame
Columns: [cat, round, quest]
Index: []

This result seems unlikely, as I’ve watched Jeopardy before and think there must have been a category called Literature in the 30 years or so the data set covers.

Update: Putting ‘LITERATURE’ (in all caps) gave the expected result:

              cat             round  quest
16377  LITERATURE  Double Jeopardy!  381
16378  LITERATURE  Final Jeopardy!   10
16379  LITERATURE  Jeopardy!         105

However, when I try it with a category I know for sure is in there:

print(cat_round[cat_round.cat == 'eBay'])
        cat             round  quest
31660  eBay  Double Jeopardy!  5

So I’m still a bit mystified. Any help/explanation would be welcome!

You will find your answer here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42985070/how-to-search-data-in-a-pivot-table-in-pandas

In your case, I would use
litPiv = cat_round_pivot.loc[‘litterature’]

To get proper results, it is perhaps better to apply lowercase to the whole Category column.

Thank you, @micro4146363334. This question was from a while ago, and, as noted in the update, the issue was the casing.