Updated Data Analysis path (or, the SQL to Part One)

I was recently about 12% into the Data Analysis path, when the path was updated with a new order or lessons and new material. I do appreciate the update, however I was almost done with the SQL aspect (the first 10-12 lessons) when the path was updated. Now per the updated order and material I have scattered parts of the path completed, and the mainly SQL part also now depends on some Python knowledge. Should I try to complete the SQL part and just fake the Python tail-end of it, or should I start from the (new) beginning and go through Python (which is now before SQL) ? Thank you.

The same thing happened to me on the DS path. I was at Machine Learning and Linear Regression (73% through). So, I decided to go back and finish up the Python lessons/projects that were added. I mean, it doesn’t hurt.

You can’t fake Python. Trust me. :rofl: So, I would recommend going thru the Python stuff and make sure you understand the concepts presented and then continue with SQL. That’s my $ .02


Much appreciated. I am actually kind of excited to learn Python, since it seems to be so key these days. Thanks for the answer and good to be in touch.


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