Update Destination I Step 5


What is wrong with my code?!?! Help!!!!!!


Hi @suttonjd19,

Could you please post a link to the exercise you're on and your code in config/routes.rb and app/controllers/destinations_controller.rb?



Here's the link.


Here's my app/controllers/destinations_controller.rb


Here's my config/routes.rb


@suttonjd19 In config/routes.rb, can you add as: :destination to the end of line 4, so it looks like this:

get 'destinations/:id' => 'destinations#show', as: :destination

and see if that works :slight_smile:


I added 'destinations/:id' => 'destinations#show', as: :destination' like you said, and now it is returning this.



I FINALLY got it o work.


But, oh my god thank you for the help anyway, it would work with the new code if I didn't have get 'destinations/:id' => 'destinations#show', as: :destination


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