Update a Destination 7 step 6 - "Edit" Link

Even though i have added the link_to and have it working in the browser, i can not get to
the next step, tried re-loading page, re-doing exercise from scratch, same result
Code is below:

<!-- Your code here -->
        <%= image_tag @destination.image %>
        <h2><%= @destination.name %></h2>
        <p><%= @destination.description %></p>
   			<%= link_to "Edit" , edit_destination_path(@destination) %>

full link is: https://www.codecademy.com/en/courses/learn-rails/lessons/one-many/exercises/one-many-update-destination-i
The error is: Did you add the edit link?
The browser working all correctly, still system giving me error.

Hi @tzurcan,

My code for the link is the same, and it worked :confused:

  1. Does anything change if you remove the <h2> and <p> tags around the title and description?
  2. Could you try switching browsers, and see if that passes you?

Hi @zystvan,

It doesn’t work for me either. I get the same error message “Did you add the link to the destination?”

Unit 3: ASSOCIATIONS > 6. Show a destination (6/9)

Any update on this! Kinda struck here for the last 2 days. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have the same problem

Also had same issue. Refreshed/reloaded a few times and it was accepted.

Hi, tried that, no difference, still stuck on this step

@viggy-r Please create a new topic, you have a different issue.

@wanyi000001 @jeanmw Do you have the same code as @tzurcan? If not, please create a new topic also.

@tzurcan That screenshot is showing different code than what you copy/pasted in your post earlier. For the code in your screenshot, try adding an equal sign (=) to the front of the <% link_to ... %>, since an equal sign there indicates something to be shown on the page (look at the way you’re displaying the image, name, or description).

Try remove the space between “Edit” and “,”

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