Up Next doesn't work!

Hello everyone,
I have a problem on the course Learn Java in Bug Detective project. I finished the project but when i click Up Next the content of the page disappears and i am stuck in a blank page. The only thing i can do is hit refresh which reloads the same page. The problem is described better in the pictures.
This is the completed project:

This is what comes up when i click Up Next:

Thank you for your time!

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I can see that you completed the lesson: 2/2
When something similar happened to me, I just clicked the codecademy logo and it took me back to the home page.
My progress was saved and completed.


That is true I also clicked the codecademy logo and got this:

But when i go to my profile Java isn’t showing up as a completed course and only shows the Command Line which i have completed in the past:

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That’s weird… when you click on the “Learn Java”, and it shows you all the lessons… are all of them completed? Expand all of them just to confirm and double check.

If it is, maybe try to logout , clear you cache, come back and try to hit NEXT on that lesson again.

Worst case scenario, at least you have the course knowledge haha


Unfortunately i did eveything you said (all of the lessons are completed 100%, logged out and cleared cache) but when i tried to hit Up Next on that lesson the same problem occured. It sucks because i didn’t get the satisfaction of completing a course and worse it doesn’t show on my profile as a completed course neither did i get the badge for Learn Java. Is there another place i can post this so the developers see this bug? (if it is one of course).

Hi walchoo - sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the site…

I’ll be surprised if it is what’s causing the problem, but you have completed the “Hello World” exercise haven’t you? (I know the “Learn Java” tile is showing 100% completion, but it also seems to think that you’re still on the “Hello World” lesson".)

Even if you’ve completed it already, can you go into the Hello World exercise and blitz through it to see if it fixes the problem?

If that doesn’t work, let me know. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answer!
I redid the Hello World exercise but nothing happened, still stuck on the same spot. Fyi, i am using google chrome, in a dual boot system of ubuntu and windows 10 and it didn’t work on both systems.

Hey. Thanks for letting us know.

Does the “Up Next” button work ok on other courses? For example, if you start the Basics of Programming course and do the first exercise does the button work properly?

If it works there, but is still broken on Java, you might need to raise a ticket and ask Codecademy to look at it…

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Yes i did first exercise of Basics of Programming and the button works, but still learn java shows 100% but it’s not on my completed courses.

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If it’s working properly in that Intro course, then like I said before you’ll likely have to raise a ticket if you want the Java course to show as completed.

I don’t think it actually affects much, if anything, but I don’t think there’s anything else we can do on the forums at this point unfortunately.

Click here to open a new ticket with Codecademy.

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Problem solved!
I was informed by the support team that this seems to be caused by reaching the end of a course. Instead of giving me a congratulations screen, it’s displaying blankly. The problem is fixed!