Unwanted autorenewal of membership

Apologies for posting this here, I have tried going through customer support but found it impossible to speak to a human, and was caught in a loop with a bot.
I discovered yesterday that my subscription auto-renewed (Debited £191.88 from my account) for an entire year. I immediately cancelled my membership and would like to know how to get my money back. I have not had use of this service for months now, and I did not willingly sign up for another year.
Could someone please advise whom I should speak to remedy this silly mistake?
Thank you very much

Hi, have you checked here?

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@lisalisaj is right. Please visit help.codecademy.com and write the team. They will help you, and be really nice about it, too. Just to be extra sure, I’ll tag in @mattliv to see if he can help. :slight_smile:

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Hi @lisalisaj were you able to get the help you needed?

It’s not me, it’s the user I was responding to. :slight_smile:

oops! Didn’t mean to respond to you

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@code7807436825 were you able to get the help you needed here?

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