Unsubscribe to emails is a dead link

I just finished the git training here. The next day I received an offer to do the training (weird, the system “kwows” I finished it). So I unsubscribed. The link was dead. 404. The 404 page suggested an HTTP training for ME.

Please fix!

PS Then I went here and clicked LOGIN in the top right corner. A page came up “For this page you need to login”. Come on guys!

I apologize for responding a YEAR LATE! :open_mouth:

Email unsubscribe buttons typically aren’t the most reliable… Instead, to unsubscribe from Codecademy emails, enter your Codecademy “My Account” tab, found by clicking your avatar in the top left corner while on the Codecademy website. From there, select Mail Settings, and check the box next to “Don’t send me any emails”.

This should unsubscribe you, that is if you’re still receiving them after this long.