Unsaved progress in CodeAcademy

Hi All CodeAcademics,

I’ve been super active on Code Academy and I’ve done various course, but somehow it doesn’t always save my new progress. I have now started with JS control flow for the 3rd time. This is really frustrating as you can imagine. What am I doing wrong? Doesn’t CA save the progress automatically?


hmmm… this never happend to me::thinking::thinking:… i think you have not ran the programme at the end

Hi, was this problem ever solved for you? I just started HTML and it only allows you to save and move on to the next project. It doesn’t have the option of save and come back to finish at a later date. It’s so frustrating and I can’t seem to find any answers on this website. I have had to re-type the code three separate times!

No, I haven’t had any response or solutions.