Unrelated, suggestion needed

Hi, only other web developing skill I’ve learned is Java. After completing the first lesson of Git, I feel I should spend more time on learning other skills right now and come to git later. What would you suggest?

@dataninja43387 It all depends on what level you are on. If you are a sufficient programmer, I would recommend JavaScript, as it will allow you to go more into depth with web programs. However, if you are a fairly new programmer, I would recommend learning Python first. It is one of the simpler languages and teaches a lot of the basics of programming. Hope this helps.

Sorry, should’ve specified earlier. Learnt JavaScript first then Java. Finished html and css today and am learning how to make a website currently. Was planning on venturing into Angularjs after learning to deploy a website.
Thank you for your time.


You seem to be a very proficient programmer. I would definitely go into AngularJS and possibly JQuery. PHP is also helpful. There are plenty of web languages. Learn as much as you can, and go as far as possible with them. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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