Unreadable forum design

This recent post is utterly unreadable due to black text on a dark background. The entire post and all the comments below it are the same. Just thought you should know.

Is that mobile or desktop?
Do you have a link?


Chrome? Safari?
What OS?

Windows 10 HOME, version 2004, build 19041.504

Chrome Version 85.0.4183.121

Yeah. That’s bizarre. Here’s a screenshot from Firefox followed by one from Chrome:

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its also the only post I have found that is like that. this thread, for example, while still being read in chrome appears with white backgrounds just like your firefox screenshot, it is only the thread that I linked that has the dark formatting.

it almost looks like the mobile stylesheet/formatting was used in place of the desktop theme.

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It isn’t a problem with OS or Browser, it is an issue with the Codecademy theme using a background image for the #community:learn-from-home-club

You can fix this for your account, until the Codecademy theme gets fixed, by switching to the community theme:


It appears to be limited to the Learn From Home Club Category.

Hi everyone.

Just to let you know, this should now be resolved - @alexc has removed the image that was being shown in the background, making the text unreadable. :+1: