Unordered Lists


I'm having a LOT of trouble on the Social Networking Profile, on the lists within lists. I have NO CLUE what I'm doing wrong!!!

I read what is said I was doing wrong... but I don't see where I messed up and I'm confuzzled...


The error tells you exactly what is wrong. you don't have a unordered list (<ul>) inside a unordered list (<ul>). you only have unordered list (<ul>) inside ordered list (<ol>)


The directions say that I need to have at least (< ol >) and at least one (< ul >)

Anyways, thanks for clearing that up!


The instructions indeed say that, i think the instruction in this exercise are a bit vague


Ok! Thanks for your help!


Now it says I need an ordered list... do I need to do basically the same thing but replace the ul with ol?


Oops sorry! I got it! Thanks again for your help!