Unnessessary curles 2nd trial (first didn't upload a picture)

VS Code forces me to write unnessecary curles. Here a picture with the error and one when I did what the program wants. Anybody an idea where’s the problem?

I assume that you forgot a closing curly brace somewhere else in the code (for example after a media query). That means that you could not just add the closing brace at the end of the code as that would produce a syntax error.
More than 300 lines of code would be a little too much to post it here, but maybe you can post a link to a github repo?

Hey @mirja_t , thanks for your answer!

Well, but I did exactely that and it worked - no error anymore. Nevertheless, I don’t think that’s best practise. However, meanwhile, the problem disappeared at all. If it comes back, I will upload the code to github and post it here.