Unknown error in jQuery Setup lesson #6

I am doing exactly what the first step mentions but I get a red X with no explanation.

My code:

$(document).ready(() => {

Note: I’ve been having issues like this with multiple lessons.
See: Unknown error when displaying all messages

This is a stab in the dark, but what happens if you change the TAB to 2 or 4 space characters?

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Nope! Same issue with both tabs and spaces.

Are you getting any SCT error message?

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Nope, just the red X.

What happens if you complete the second step?

$(document).ready(() => {
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Nah, no luck. I had tried that earlier.

Seems to me this problem surfaced a short time ago. Not sure what else to suggest other than the following list

different browser
clear cache
refresh and Run again
click Run until Get Code lets you advance.
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I tried clearing cache and then on a fresh browser. Same issue :confused:

You will be able to advance once you Get Code. It may take a few clicks of the Run button.

Please use the Report Issue form to notify the dev team of the issue. Give them a link to the lesson, and a description of the issue you are encountering. Thanks.

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Yeah I could use the “get code” button. I have encountered this bug in several different lessons recently so it’s aggravating to just give up and accept there’s a bug.
As for the “report a bug” button, it doesn’t even do anything for me when pressed so that’s a whole other issue on its own, hence why I’m posting on the forums.

I’ll move this over to Platform Problems so it stands a better chance of being noticed by the team. Sorry I cannot offer any other advice. Our hands are pretty muched tied on this side.

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I appreciate the help anyway!

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