Unknown Billing (My Fault)

Hi. I’m not sure where to ask this since I couldn’t find a phone number or an email to ask.

Several months ago I signed up for Codecademy Pro. I was in school, and I don’t remember my thought process, but I totally forgot about it. I’ve been very busy up until a few weeks ago, and started coding for fun again. I noticed that I had a Pro account, but I hadn’t even used it. It looks like I have 6 months of Pro access that I haven’t used.

I understand that it was MY mistake, but sometimes companies take stuff like this into consideration. And as a recent graduate, having any extra money taken off of my credit card bill would be FANTASTIC… so I’m here to ask. Would it be possible to reverse the charges for some or all of the past months that I haven’t been using? I’d like to use the free version for a bit, and come back on to the Pro in another 3-9 months from now.

Thank you,

Hi Eric,
You can raise any billing issue via our Help Page. They will be able to look into it for you.

Your profile doesn’t say that you are a Pro user though.

Okay, thank you albionsrefuge!

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