Universal Selector


Its telling me to 

"Go ahead and use the universal selector to 
put a 1px dashed #3A5FCD border around every 
element on the page. See how each element looks
 like it's in its own box on the page? This is part of the HTML/CSS
 "box model," which we'll cover in the next lesson."

so i put * {
    border: 1px dashed #3A5FCD;

but it says "Oops, try again. Make sure that you use the universal selector * to give a border 1px wide."

what am i doing wrong


The thing with any border related HTML/CSS lessons is that you have to make sure your browser is at 100% zoom.


it is i just checked.


Seems like I was also getting the same error when I was checking. I switched browsers and it worked.
Switched from Chrome -> IE.


thank you ! it worked!


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