Univeristy removed access to my email and I can't change it because I need to verify it first

I got a notification that I need to verify my email address, but none of the verification emails are coming through. After some digging I realized I am not receiving emails to the university email address I provided when I signed up. So I need to change that email address, but I can’t because I’m unable to verify it.

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I think you might need to submit a support ticket here via the Help page:

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Thanks for the reply, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t need to verify that I’m a student. I just need to change my email address. The only issue is I can’t because the verification email is getting sent to an address I can no longer access.

So, essentially you’re stuck in an infinite loop. :confused:

I would still contact the Support desk and submit a ticket. I’m guessing they can help you verify your account. (we can’t assist you on this end in the Forums).


Ha, exactly. I’ll submit a ticket. Thanks for the help!

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