Unit quizzes feel pointless

Quizzes were the first feature that drew me to Codecademy Pro in the first place. Quizzes are an excellent way to wrap up a unit and test how much you really got out of it! Or they can be used as a review of a unit if you take a break from Codecademy. They can also be a great learning tool - being presented coding problems in a Q&A form gives the student a brand new perspective for looking at a particular subject.

The problem I have is that the quizzes here are so short they feel completely worthless. Unit 8 was a difficult unit in Python but the quiz is almost insulting - only 3 questions long! After acing those 3 I feel like I got absolutely nothing from the quiz.

Please give us longer quizzes. 20 questions minimum. Thoughts?

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Good idea. I wouldn’t say minimum 20, maybe 10 instead, but they should definitely be longer.


I think 15 should be the minimum number. Also if you have already taken the quiz once there should be a link that points you to the section that explains the answer to that question.

I absolutely agree, there should be a minimum of 15 questions. There should also be a block that explains the correct answer after each question.