Unit 7 Objects 4. I have to celebrate you baby


I don't understand why I keep getting this error: //Oops, try again. Check the review of Finding Nemo

var getReview = function (movie) {

    case "Toy Story 2":
        return "Great story. Mean prospector.";

    case "Finding Nemo":
        return "Cool animation and funny turtles.";

    case "The Lion King":
        return "Great songs.";
        return "I don't know!";


//var monkey = getReview("Finding Nemo");

getReview("Finding Nemo");


In this excercise you will have to use the EXACT text's....


And by EXACT, he's not kidding. I kept getting "Check your Lion King review."

I didn't put the period, so it was failing


Yes, I left out a comma. :slightly_smiling: