Unit 1 excercise 8


Unit 1 excercise 8

Hi all I get an error report saying that I need to put "div" inside the parantheses... But I did just that as you can see in my code below... does anybody know why this code is not correct?

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <!--Add your script tag here.-->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="script.js">
    function () {


Attach your jQuery code... I feel that is where the error is originating from. I will try my best to help you...

Barry Allen


Hi Oscar,

Your jQuery code belongs in the script.js tab on the top right of the code editor, not in a <script> tag in index.html.

After that, you need to put quotes around slow, since it's a keyword rather than a variable :slight_smile:


Hi Zyst and thank you so much for helping me. I got it!


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