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I’m been running into roadblocks when I’ve been trying to install modules like pygame and pyperclip. Even though I added the paths, it’s still telling me “unable to install”. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve already watched and followed many Youtube videos.
Do you have any advice on how to get these installed?
I’m even okay bringing my computer to a store if that’s the only option.
Please, do you have any advice?

Thank you very much,

Hi Josh,
How are you adding them? What OS?

Or, are you using something like Google Colab and running into issues?

It sounds like an installation issue. I found this, maybe it would be of some help?

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Try the pygame subreddit. Be as clear as you can with your issue, they can sort you out (they’ve helped me plenty before when writing with pygame).

@board4185331766 yes, that’s the badger!


Hi Lisa,

The computer that I use for Python has Windows 10.

I think you might be right, it seems like pygame isn’t yet avail for python 3.8:

I’m unfamiliar with Google Colab (I’ll Google it right now).
Do you have any advice on how to get it installed?

Thank you very much,

Hi Toastedpitabread,

Do you mean this site: https://www.reddit.com/r/pygamedev/

Thank you,

You can make a virtual environment with a different version of python that does support it.



I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that module.

Google Colab is based on Jupyter Notebooks and you can run Python in it as well as connect to sql servers with it. It’s cloud-based and you can install it on google drive.

I use it and I really like it.

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I wasn’t familiar with this.

So, I’m very new at this… Are you saying with Google colabs I can use python on the web (instead of directly on my laptop) and on the website colabs I can use python and download pygames (for use on the website) but not on my computer?

Thank you very much,

It’s okay! I wasn’t familiar with it until early last year. (I mean, is there anything google can’t do? :joy:)

Yep. You can open any .ipynb file in Colab and import any (at least I believe it’s any) python library into Colab and go from there. Mind you, I’ve only used Colab for data science/analysis—so, the usual, scipy, math, pandas, seaborn, etc. I seem to recall some issue with Geopandas, but can’t remember the specifics. So, from a data analysis angle, you can import .csv files directly from your machine with this code:
from google.colab import files uploaded = files.upload()
or mount your Drive to Colab and grab files that way.

There are Colab intro videos and lots of documentation to read up on. But, it’s easy to use (IMO).
check this out:


Thank you very much Toastedpitabread! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Lisa! I am very grateful! :slight_smile:


Sure! No problem! Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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