Unique life circumstances led me here and I could use some direction if possible!

Hello everyone, my name is Tristian aka KoiTris. I am 24 years old and am currently battling cancer for the 2nd time, however, this will not be a sad story post. To keep it short, I am in a pretty unique position as far as work goes. I cannot work in a public setting due to covid being an increased risk for me and so I am looking for some kind of at home work. I will be receiving my current treatment for the next 2 years so I am trying to find something other than “online customer service” jobs that will make me rip my hair out.

Please understand that I am not really interested in coding as a career. I don’t see it being something I could do daily for the rest of my life, but because of the current status of the world and my illness, it is seemingly my best option for income right now.

Now that you know a little about what I am dealing with, my question is simple. What is the easiest (in terms of both learning and workload) coding job that I can get into and work from home? I’m looking for something that won’t take long to learn and requires minimal work hours. I am okay with the job not paying well as I cannot make more than $1400 a month or I lose my health insurance because this country is “amazing”. Thank you for any help offered, even if there is no job matching my preferences!