Unfinished, but decently-functional Monopoly game

I tried to recreate the game of Monopoly in python, though I was unable to completely finish. Property mortgages, buying and selling houses and hotels, and a few other things would need to be implemented, but as it is now, it’s in a relatively functional state.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever return to this to deal with those issues and handling player bankruptcy, but I’m happy with ending here and moving forward in the course.

I love how you learned Python and continued to make a project with it. Your project is not bad and it is some what functional like you stated. I can’t really help you with your project as for I have not finished learning Python at the moment however what I do recommend is that you continue the project or start another one; It is very good to practice. It’s just like a normal speak-able language. You might be fluent in 1 more than another or like 1 more than other. Anyways; I can tell I got carried away typing but nice job kid. :clap: