Unfamiliar selecting/ruling

I encountered an unfamiliar selector when practicing in a code academy lesson.
Can someone give me insight as to what it is called, does, and why it is listed this way?
There seems to be a comma ‘,’ between the anchor element, and the .answer rule…
I understand that the button will be underlined, and when hovered above the cursor, will turn into the pointer icon. I’d appreciate any input. I just recently started, and making great progress. Check the link and screenshot for more.
a , .answer
Buttons: Skeuomorphic styling

The key thing to think about for this is CSS selectors. So a google of CSS comma selector yields the appropriate documentation.

It’s basically applying the same styling to both elements.


@toastedpitabread That was timely, and useful!
I remember it stating MDN was very informative when looking up elements, their uses, and meaning.
Thanks for the reminder. Now, I want some toasted pita bread! :grin:

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