Unexpected token


var userChoice= prompt ("Do you choose rock, paper or scissors?")
var computerChoice= function Math.random()
console.log (computerChoice)
if ( 0<= computerChoice <=.33)
return computerChoice=rock
else if (.34 <= computerChoice <=.66)
return computerChoice=paper
else (.67<= computerChoice <=1)
return computerChoice=scissors
i got "unexpected token ."


the bracket right under the console.log is unnesessary just like the one below the closing bracket of your else statement.
remove them and see if it works


There are a few things wrong here:

First of all you do not need to wrap ifs in {} just the code coming after them.
Then this condition does not work:
if ( 0<= computerChoice <=.33)
Or better it does work but not as you might expect:
It's read from left to right

0 <= computerChoice -> true/false
true/false <= .33 // as true = 1 and false = 0

Then you're not inside of a function so the use of return alone already gives you an error and it's just not necessary here. Maybe review the function track to see what it is used for.

And last but not least the else is the default case so there is no condition needed.