Unexpected token error keeps coming up. Can anyone please help?


var user = prompt("Will you fight?").toUpperCase();
case: 'FIGHT'
    var able = prompt("Are you ready to throw it out, boy").toUpperCase()
    if(able==='YES' || able==='NO'){
        console.log("Let's ride");
    } else{
        console.log("That's what I thought");
case: 'DUCK'
    var real = prompt("This is what you want to do with your life?").toUpperCase();
    if(real==='YES' || real==='NO'){
        console.log("That's fine");
        console.log("Okay then, boy");
case: 'LAME'
    var common = prompt("Will you give it your best perfromance, young grasshopper?").toUpperCase();
    if(common==='YES'|| common==='NO'){
        console.log("This is great and we will do the best");
        console.log("Well then we can't faciliate that");
    console.log("Sorry this is choice is invalid");

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