Unexpected indent, help needed


Hello, I am stuck on booleans.

This is my text:
my_int = 7
my_float = 1.23
my_bool = True

This is the error message:

File "python", line 2
my_int = 7
IndentationError: unexpected

What did I do wrong?



Is your 'm' in my_int = 7 inline with the 'm' in my-float =1.23?

Example -
my_int = 7
my_float = 1.23
my_bool = True

Had this myself when I started python. All the 'm's must be in line for this lesson.
In other lessons you will learn about indentations. Because you encountered it now, you will be aware of it in the lessons to follow.

Hope that helps.


It was not, I had space before, thanks for the answer though


indent doesn't show on the forum unless you use markup:

You might want to use this next time. Good luck!