Unenrolling from codecademy course after completion or just to put aside

I usually unenroll from a course after I complete it or if I just want to put aside a course I’m not currently doing just to make my home page cleaner but I see that when I go on the catalog it says enrolled on some courses I’ve unenrolled in. For the courses I’ve completed it says complete but for the other courses, it still says enrolled with the yellow highlighting. This is not a big deal but just a minor issue that can be bothersome since it looks like I’m enrolled in a lot of courses making it confusing to select new courses.

Unrolling on your home page only takes it off of the homepage to completely unroll from a course go to the styles of the course and press reset progress to fully unroll.

but resetting my progress in other courses would also delete progress in the current courses I’m doing.

It would and you can send screenshots before you do for me to double-check if you are worried

So far as I’m aware there’s no route at present to remove enrolled courses from the catalogue (I don’t believe progress % has anything to do with it). See this response for confirmation that this is WAI at present-

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