Unearned badges


So a few weeks back, my progress for the web dev path was reset. I didn’t understand why, but I read that it can happen when the course content is updated, so I let it go. I’ve noticed a few other odd things happening since then that have been ongoing for a while now. Each day I’m getting a few badges from the Python path, and its completion tracker has been growing, even though I’m not using that course. The tracker for the days coded hasn’t reset even though I don’t code every day.

Any advice here would be appreciated please.

For the daily streak counter, I think CC released a new feature which allows time spent on the forum to increment the daily streak counter. As for the other things, I’m not too sure.

I’m new to Codecademy and the forums, so take this with a grain of salt. But it sounds like someone else is using your account. I mean you’re getting badges from a path you’re not taking and the tracker thinks you’re coding every day even though you aren’t. What else could it be but someone is using your pro account(the latest python is only available to pro users I think) for free? Change your password for your Codecademy account and secure your e-mail account just in case, if the weird stuff stops you know what’s up.


Thanks, I did that this morning. I’m hoping that’s not the case, but I guess we’ll soon see

Hey @mattliv, any idea what’s up here?

So since changing my password a day ago, everything is back to normal. Man, I’m embarrassed. Whoever that was, they were very productive. I’m inspired to work harder from watching their progress.

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It seems like this was solved? @fortyhc do you still need assistance with this or did resetting your password help to solve the issue fully?

Yes resetting the password has helped as far as I can tell. I’ll mark this thread as solved