Undo changes, and other shortcuts on Mac

Hello, I am working on my macbook and i cant undo my changes in codecademy. If i press command + z it will open my last opened page. Also i can use Command + f to find stuff in the code. What am i doing wrong?

Input from a keyboard may be intercepted in some cases, e.g. certain commands are intercepted by the OS before anything else and your browser may provide another level to this. Double check your browser level shortcuts since that sounds like what you’re running into.

It may also be worth viewing the following page-

Plenty of useful shortcuts there and unless it’s also intercepted I believe F1 should open a wee shortcut menu in a lesson itself. Make sure that’s the F1 keypress, not a media key if you use Fn to modify them.


Thank you for you explanation, this helped me a lot. It seems i wasn’t able to find this option in Safari itself so i downloaded Firefox and it works as a dream. (If anyone knows how to do this in Safari that would be splendid.)