Understanding Which Classes are Custom and Which are from Bootstrap File


Hi there!

I'm realizing that I can't tell which of the classes in this example are custom and which are from the bootstrap file. I definitely understand that the "container" and "row" classes are referring to classes defined in the bootstrap file. And I'm pretty sure that the "nav" and "jumbotron" are bootstrap defined classes as well. The way that I look at the nav and jumbotron are like kind of being "content-specific" classes (reminds me of what some people refer to as "semantic" code). But ... is the "neighborhood-guides" class a custom class or a class defined in the bootstrap file? I don't see it defined in the main.css css file - but it seems odd that bootstrap would have a class by that name. Also - when I look at this page on bootstrap [http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid] and the CSS page I don't see a reference to a 'neighborhood guides' class. Where is this class defined?


You can assign class names to your HTML elements but the element will still display using default styles if you have not specified any CSS rules for that class.

If you don't have any neighborhood-guides CSS rules yet, it is because you haven't gotten to the part of the course where you write them.

You can put CSS rules that select class names in your main.css even if they are in bootstrap.css. If there is a conflict, the rule in the file that is lower on the page wins.

You can paste the URL that we are using for bootstrap.css in your browser. When it loads then you can search it to see if there are any rules for neighborhood-guides in it. I will tell you that this course is using an edited version of bootstrap.css so it is not the same as the one that you will find at getbootstrap.com.

Did I cover everything? :smile: