Understanding Standard Streams


I have been trying to understand the framework of stdin, stdout, and stderr but am really struggling to make sense of it all.

Could anyone please provide a ‘down-to-earth’ explanation of streams, communication channels, shells, the text terminal, and how all of these interconnected aspects function in the context of programming and environments?

Thanks in advance!

Hah, that may be a pretty big ask. I think you may want to be hunting down books, online courses and blogs or similar. I quite liked the following that helped me separate stdin, stdout & stderr though it’s not quite beginner level-
Bash One-Liners Explained, Part III: All about redirections and it only covers a fraction of your question. Maybe you could try and narrow your issues down a bit.

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haha, thank you! Yes, after looking into it a bit more, I am now realizing how conplex these topics are, but I will definitely look into the link you suggest :slight_smile:

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