Understanding JavaScript

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Recently I decided I wanted to study programming, I started with HTML, CSS and now I’m learning Javascript for about 2 weeks and I still can’t understand how and when will I apply the knowledge I’m acquiring.

Let’s say, on HTML and CSS it’s easily perceived what I’ll be using that code for and when, but I can’t really say the same about Javascript. Is it too soon to know that since I haven’t finished the course? (I’m around 75% progress)

Should I try to do some projects to understand how can I use this knowledge in practical examples?

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HTML and CSS go as far enough as to provide webpages with basic static functionality. A good way to think of it can only act as a basic brochure.

What if you want some special things to happen? That’s where javascript can come in. It’s basically anything that’s not a basic function (ignoring backend considerations). It’s so ubiquitous that you see it all the time but might not realize it.

Simple Examples (there are countless more):

  • Why is it that when you scroll down a feed (instagram, facebook, etc.) you don’t run out of webpage?
  • a menu that has nice animations
  • image carousels
  • star rating system

More complicated:

  • programs/logic that run within a website. What if you wanted a calculator in your website? Currency converter (you need to pull data from some outside resource)? Things of that nature.


Thanks for your response! :blush:

I think I can understand what can JavaScript do on a webpage, on a front end spectrum, but from the examples I’ve been given and practiced during the course so far, I don’t know where and when am I going to apply that knowledge…?

For example, in HTML or CSS I’d know how to change the colour on text or background, and I’d understand why and when I’d use that, but so far I can’t understand in which situation am I going to use arrows, where and how I’m going to use functions, loops and so on…

Will this information make sense until the end of the course and I just need to keep learning and practicing until it all makes sense?

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Yes, it will eventually start making more sense (definitely if you get to the end of the course).

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It only recently dawned on me that a lot of learners jump past the ‘Review’ page so miss not only a decent summary of what they’ve been exposed to, but also the extended concepts at the end of the narrative.

* Find the return value of `array.push()`

Not exactly mentioned in any lessons, but something worth following up. Same applies to array.unshift().

Bottom line, read the review and follow up with the extra research and study.