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Hello everyone! So I am at the 13% mark on my journey to complete the Front-end Developer career path which I am super excited about! But for some reason I am having trouble understanding how to use github and what to even use it for. I understand that you can post your code on there but then what? Im also having a hard time navigating the site and finding people like me who are new and dont have any projects built yet but are trying to learn and become apart of the coding community.

I guess my question is, do you have any tips on how to connect with people on there? THANKS!

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GitHub is primarily a Git repository hosting service. Git is a command line tool called “version control software” which is used to track and manage different versions of a codebase, which is especially important when you’ve got multiple people all working on the same project and you need to make sure there’s minimal (or ideally no) conflicts between what different people are working on.

GitHub takes Git and hosts repositories (repositories or “repos” are the name for project that is tracked with Git) in the cloud and provides a web-based GUI for it, along with extra features like access control and project management.

While as time goes on it is becoming more and more like that, Github isn’t really a social media platform (at least not in the more conventional sense) and connecting with users who don’t have projects under their belt yet isn’t unfortunately really a focus on GitHub and something that would be fairly difficult. If you’re looking for people around the same point in the front end path you could try checking out the Codecademy Discord server by pressing “Chat” on the navbar or going to this link: Codecademy Community.

If you’re interested in learning more about Git and Github (which I strongly recommend as it’s a very useful and industry-standard tool) there’s this Codecademy course on it, and I believe it’s also covered a little later on in the front end path :slight_smile:

Happy coding!


@notlyall Thanks for your response! And yes, you’re right, there is a lesson that covers Git later on in the front end path. I will definitely check out the Codecademy Discord as well. You answered my question perfectly and I greatly appreciate it!


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