Understanding code

I don’t understand this code, the exercise is to:
Write a Python program to get all possible unique subsets from a set of distinct integers

class py_solution:
    def sub_sets(self, sset):
        return self.subsetsRecur([], sorted(sset))
    def subsetsRecur(self, current, sset):
        if sset:
            return self.subsetsRecur(current, sset[1:]) + self.subsetsRecur(current + [sset[0]], sset[1:])
        return [current]



My question is why are you continually taxing us with questions that have nothing to do with CC curriculum? Did you formulate the idea that CC community members would answer all your questions? What motivated that idea?

I thought a forum is a forum, sir if you don’t wish to answer the question, you can leave it


You see it your way, I see it mine. If we can;t agree…