Understanding branches and directories

EDIT: ignore this, I just realised that my local copy won’t change until I GIT ADD and GIT COMMIT!

Further to my last message, in “6. Git workflow”, I’m again confused.

In the shell, there is a “science-quizzes” (Sally’s copies of the files) directory and a “my-quizzes” directory (my own copy of her files).

I also now have a MASTER branch and a BIO-QUESTIONS branch in “my-quizzes”.

Is it correct to say that there are now essentially 3 copies of Sally’s files? One in her master branch, one in my master branch and one in my bio-questions branch?

And if I then edit and save the biology.txt file while on the bio-questions branch, if I GIT CHECKOUT MASTER to change back to my master branch I should see an un-edited version of the biology.txt file?

This doesn’t seem to be happening. If I look on the file browser, or use VI-editor, no matter which branch I change to in “my-quizzes” I see the same, edited, biology.txt file.

I am obviously misunderstanding the branching process in relation to local files/directories. Can anyone explain better?


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