Undefined offset in 5. Iterating Associative Arrays


5. Iterating of Associative Arrays

Undefined offset: 0 (line 44)

$thingsILike = array(1. => 'NYR,',
                        2. => 'kittens,',
                        3. => 'trucks,',
                        4. => 'EMS,',
                        5. => 'NYJ,',
                        6. => 'NYY,',
                        7. => 'and coding');
        $length = count($thingsILike);
        for ($k = 0; $k < $length; $k++) {
        echo $thingsILike[$k] . '<br/>';
        Echo '<br />Things that I like include:<br />';

Now is it because the values are different in an associtaive array?
If so can someone please explain why.


I'm guessing this is line 44. Associative arrays use literal indices, not numeric as an array would.

for ($k as $v in $thingsILike) {}

Unquoted numbers might fly, but a dot is a string character if not followed by another number, as in a float. Otherwise, the way it is written above those keys will need to be in quotes.


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