Unconfirmed bug reports in Learn HTML - The Body

I am on the body part but can only move within the learning tab the other 2 tabs where I am supposed to add the code are greyed out. I could do my name so don’t know why this is different image any ideas what’s going on?


I’m having the same problem. the only way I can make it work is If I click back to where you first put your name in, which is a pain.

Having the same issues on two different lessons now. Its probably there way to force you buy the “Pro” if you wanna continue with the classes. Nothing is ever “Free” just trying this out thinking about going back to school for IT.

I am trying to add a body per the instructions but I am not able to enter text into the editor in the middle of the screen. What should I do to access the editor?

im having the same problem and im pro
did you get a solution to this

Hey everyone, I’m not able to reproduce this problem (a critical part in diagnosing coding problems) and it looks like for some of you you’ve managed to move past this section. I’d suggest you all use some common troubleshooting steps and using Google Chrome. If you have more similar problems, please reach out to our customer support team.

I would also like to note @travisgallant55 that we do not impede the free product experience like intentionally introducing bugs in order to try and drive signups to Pro.