Uncomment; Stuck on 12


It says I need to uncomment the last line of my code which i am pretty sure i'm doing but it says I'm not. What am I doing wrong?

Initially, there was a slash and asterisk before the System.out.println(epicLevel); and I removed that since it means to have a multi-line comment so that's what i thought uncomment meant.

plz help

public class Generalizations {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

		boolean isComplete == true;
		int awesomeLevel == 121;
		int epicLevel == awesomeLevel *2;		
//snakes are awesome//


Set the boolean variable isComplete to true. so i would do

boolean isComplete = true;

do same for the rest.

you should use "==" when you want to test if two primitive values are equal.but here you have to set the value so use =


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