Uncaught TypeError: props.getData is not a function

Hello Everyone I am working on a personal project using React and React Router and I am at a stand still on how I should approach and execute what I want to do with my project. In my project, I would like the user to go to the survey section of the app, and when they answer the questions and click submit, the application would take them to a page that is dedicated to a specific page of exercises based on their selections.

Github Link:

Test case:
Step 1: The user would select answers that would match them such as:
-gender: Male
age: 18-28
goal: loose weight
after all questions are answered the user would click submit and the user would be taken to a specific page.
I have had error message: Uncaught TypeError: props.getData is not a function due to previous code, which can be found on my github profile.
I have looked up how to pass data using react, how to use radio buttons and more ( about 3-4hours of using google.)
I would like to have a conversation in hopes to resolve my issue. Thank you!!