Unable to write any code in Python Code Challenges


Hi, I couldn’t write any code the exercises and neither see any comments to uncomment. I have tried on two different computers, got same thing. Is this on my end?

Runs for me! Let me ask around… What were the 2 different computers, for reference?

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Thats weird! I’m using Mac and Pi4. Thank you for looking!

Have you tried testing in a different browser (or with extensions disabled etc)? I think that’d be a more likely suspect than the device or OS causing trouble (historically I’ve used both for lessons and tasks). Compatible Browsers – Codecademy Help Center

There’s some additional guidance here, even if you’re not disconnected blocking one of the listed sites with a firewall or otherwise might cause trouble on some pages (might not be the case but it’s worth a look-in)-


I tried on three different computers and browsers, it didn’t work. Do you think it has something to do with my account? I mean all other course runs fine, just this Optional Exercises part is not.

The only restrictions that spring to mind for the account itself would be pro vs. free. I’m not really sure what’s catching you out here, if you have to option to do so you could try connecting from a different internet service e.g. temporarily hotspot your phone or something but there’s not much else I can suggest, sorry.

If there’s nothing on your end that seems to help you can try contacting cc- Codecademy Help Center. Probably worth including your current set-up and what you’ve tried and so on.

Okay, I appericiate you. Here is the screenshot, btw

It’s an identical looking screenshot to what I get; but I can click on and edit the text on the left hand side. Odd that it’s limited to such a small section of the site, are you 100% sure ublock isn’t catching it or something (sorry about asking again but that’d be my first test after seeing that screenshot).


It’s working now!Disabled and enabled back on Ublock, logged out and in and it worked! Not sure, why it wasn’t working on the other OS’s. One reason I can think of is I unenrolled Financial analysis with Python course a couple of days back and these chapters were a part of that course, may be that’s why. Anyways, thank you very much for your support.