Unable to type "$"


Hi, I'm unable to get past Aliases II lesson 5 because I can't type "$" in the terminal window. I have tried the on-screen keyboard of Win8 and restarted the whole excercise 3 times using different web browsers, but it doesn't help. Can someone please help?

Exercise 6, Win 10, can't | and on screen keyboard doesnt work either
I am stuck on 55% - cat: │: No such file or directory

Same for me with the pipe '|' symbol, stuck in the middle of the course and can't go further....tried keyboard, copy/paste, virtual Keybord from OS (win7) and virtual Keyboard from VirusProgramm, in different Browsers....


Hi guys,

I've seen other people with the same issue (I haven't run into it) suggesting that you make sure you're using a QWERTY keyboard layout.
I use Dvorak on Ubuntu based Linux, and haven't had any issues with not being able to type certain characters in the Codecademy terminal, though.


Well, I use Skandinavian keyboard which is basically the same except a few special characters (å, ä, ö). But otherwise there is no differences in the layout.


Have you tried switching to QWERTY though/did QWERTY work for you?


Here you can see the layout: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/fi/a/ad/Skandinaavinen_näppäimistö.png

As I said it's basically the same as the normal keyboard, but I have to press ctrl+alt+4 instead of shift+4 to get "$". Maybe it has something to do with that.


Just activate american layout so u can use it to type $. I had the exact same problem.


Same for me, impossible to write pipe symbol. I´ve tried all options. The monitor no recognized the pipe from the virtual keyboard. I can not continue with “cat volcanoes.txt | wc” in 55%. Sorry.


Found a workaround that works for me (win7). Annoying but works.
I'm using german keyboard schema. Pipe Symbol is at 'ctrl+alt+7' or 'altGr+7' (= three keys)

As mentioned, you have to switch the keyboard-schema, at least to type these single 'not working' characters, to a schema who has these chars as a 'two-key-combination'.

I searched at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/goglobal/bb964651.aspx a keyboard schema who has the pipe symbol just with two keys. And I found 'Latvian QWERTY', who has the pipe at its 'shift+\' (= two keys). Added this schema to my German(swiss) and German(french), and placed the language switcher at the toolbar.

If I need the pipe, switch to Latvian, hitting shift+< on my keyboard, and than switch back to german.

As I said, annoying, but works, until this is fixed. I guess the editor (its JavaScript) has problems to 'catch' three-keys combinations.



One way would be to use the ascii code e.g. for $ it would be hold ALT+36 or for the pipe ALT+124


Thanks for your hint.
But that doesn't work, at least for me.
Seems like the editors JavaScript can't 'read' this too.


Same problem here with "|" character on "cat volcanoes.txt | wc"


working with ALT+124, thanks haxor789


None of these workarounds work for me. I have tried holding down ALT and pressig 36. The prompt $ changes to (arg: 36). But I get no dollar sign.


Take that dollar sign from your post and copy and paste it?


How can I paste it? Ctrl-V doesn't work. When I right click I get no paste option.


In consoles you often need to use CTRL+SHIFT+V


That didn't work either unfortunately. CTRL+SHIFT+V inputs ^V instead of $.


Ok tested it myself and it fails for me as well :frowning:
What worked is to use ALT + 36 where you take 36 from the num block not from the numbers above your letter keys.


I'll try that nd report back when I come home later today. I don't have a num lock button on my laptop. When I tried alt+36 on the number pad of the Mac keyboard it flipped my screens :smile: