Unable to start the course/write any code

It’s been a while since I started the course and I want to start again, however when I go into any lesson, the console window appears like it’s loading with the spinning thingie and I cannot jump to any different lesson or write any code.

I’ve tried clearing cookies and browser cache, as well as a different web browser (Firefox and Chrome) and two different computers.

Anyone had the same experience? Is there any fix available?

With a different browser and on a different computer you have the same exact issue? Sounds like dark magic to me ^^.

Joking aside, have you tried running firefox on a brand new profile with all plug-ins deactivated?

I was able to make it work with IE after I upograded to the most recent version. It had something to do with the security certificates because I got several popups when I first launched it. Maybe because I’m on the company’s private network.

Thanks for your support Arjo.